Directory is arranged as follows: 1. Name of individual or firm. 2. Post office address in parenthesis. 3. Business or occupation.
    A Star (*) placed before a name, indicates an advertiser in this work. For such advertisement see Index.
    Figures placed after the occupation of farmers, indicate the number of acres of land owned or leased by the parties.
    Names set in CAPITALS indicate subscribers to this work.
    The word Street is implied as regards directory for the City of Binghamton and villages.
    For additions and corrections see Errata, following the Introduction.


(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Adams, Amos, (Castle Creek,) lot 198, farmer 270.
Adams, Asa 2d. (Whitney's Point,) lot 242, farmer leases of Asa K., 400.
Alderman, Tallcot, (Castle Creek,) lot 164, farmer 85.
Alexander, Levi, (Chenango Forks,) lot 52, carpenter and farmer 50.
Alexander, Rufus, (Chenango Forks,) lot 52, farmer 60.
Allen, John, (Whitney's Point, ) sawyer and farmer.
Allen, John N., (Whitney's Point,) lot 70, farmer 80.
Atwater, Chester, (Whitney's Point,) lot 48, assessor and farmer 184.
Bacon, Manly, (Chenango Forks,) lot 240, farmer leases of Violetta Rummer, 46.
Barr, James, (Chenango Forks,) lot 62, farmer leases 194.
Beach, Abel W., (Whitney's Point,) lot 281, justice of the peace and farmer 107.
BEACH, ASA, (Whitney's Point,) (with Franklin,) lot 47, farmer 280.
Beach, Charles B., (Whitney's Point,) (with Franklin,) farmer.
BEACH, FRANKLIN, (Whitney's Point,) (with Asa,) lot 47, farmer 280.
Beach, John M., (Whitney's Point,) lot 281, farmer 147.
BEACH, WILLIAM, (Whitney's Point,) lot 47, farmer 160.
Beals, Wm. H., (Whitney's Point,) lot 244, farmer 280.
Bedell, Ira, (Whitney's Point,) lot 239, farmer 194.
Blair, Eli, (Chenango Forks,) lot 159, farmer 150.
Bliss, Burt, (Chenango Forks,) lot 201, constable and farmer 100.
Bliss, Perry, (Chenango Forks,), lot 40, farmer 105.
Bolster, Giles, (Castle Creek,) lot 165, carpenter and farmer 80.
Boughton, David, (Triangle,) lot 35, justice of the peace and farmer 115.
Boughton, George, (Triangle,) lot 37, farmer leases of John W. Rich, 50.
Brazee, Betsy Ann Mrs., (Chenango Forks,) lot 163, farmer 80.
Brewer, Milton, (Whitney's Point), lot 49, farmer 85.
Brockett, Willis, (Triangle,) lot 21, farmer 60.
Brown, Parley M., (Whitney's Point,) lot 73, farmer 190.
Bughardt, Chas. M., (Whitney's Point,) lot 361, farmer 135.
Burroughs, Benj., (Chenango Forks,) egg and produce dealer, and farmer.
BURROUGHS, BENJAMIN J., (Chenango Forks,) (Porter & Burroughs.)
Burroughs, Harvey L., (Chenango Forks,), lot 239, farmer 227.
Caton, Hugh, (Whitney's Point,) lot 70, farmer leases 315.
Clark, Elijah M., (Castle Creek,) lot 238, drover and farmer 150.
Cole, John, (Chenango Forks,) lot 200, butcher and farmer 100.
Combs, Rufus, (Chenango Forks,), lot 64, farmer 100.
Cook, Chester, (Whitney's Point,) lot 322, carpenter and farmer 10.
Cook, Squire D., (Chenango Forks,) lot 63, farmer 135.
Copeland, Lorenzo D., (Chenango Forks,) carriage maker.
Courtney, Henry, (Whitney's Point,) lot 320, farmer leases of Chester Atwater, 114.
Coy, Cyrus J., (Whitney's Point,) lot 237, farmer 240.
Crowell, Alfred, (Castle Creek,) lot 204, farmer leases of Philo Landers, 75.
Crowell, Hamilton L., (Chenango Forks,) (Harrington & Crowell.)
Cunningham, Asa, ( Chenango Forks,) lot 202, farmer 40.
Davis, Walter W., (Whitney's Point,) lot 244, farmer 94.
Decker, A. B., (Chenango Forks,) lot 198, farmer leases of Lyman Lyon, 196.
Dickinson, Frances M., (Whitney's Point,) lot 361, farmer 39.
Dickinson, Henry B., (Whitney's Point,) lot 322, farmer 50.
Dunham, Alex. M. Mrs., (Whitney's Point,) lot 284, farmer 64.
Dunham, Elias, (Glen Aubrey,) lot 205, farmer 50.
Dunham, Hiram, (Whitney's Point,) lot 282, farmer 150.
Dunham, Leonard W., (Castle Creek,) lot 167, farmer 55.
Dunham, Nelson, (Castle Creek,) lot 157, butcher, drover and farmer 100.
Eldridge, Benedict, (Whitney's Point,) lot 280, farmer 100.
Eldridge, Geo. W., (Whitney's Point,) lot 242, farmer 100.
Eldridge, John B., (Whitney's Point,) lot 321, farmer 120.
Ellerson, Hamilton, (Whitney's Point,) lot 360, farmer 120.
Ellerson, Ruth Mrs., (Whitney's Point,) lot 360, farmer 40.
ELLIOTT, JOSEPH, (Chenango Forks,) lot 66, farmer 100.
English, David, (Whitney's Point,) lot 48, farmer leases of Nathaniel Newell, 314.
English, Jonathan, (Chenango Forks,) lot 49, farmer 100.
English, Mary Mrs., (Chenango Forks,) lot 39, farmer 50.
Ferguson, O. Clark, (Whitney's Point,) lot 202, farmer 100.
Filkins, George, (Chenango Forks,) farmer.
Filkins, Jane Miss, (Chenango Forks,) toll collector.
Foote, John M., (Whitney's Point,) lot 284, farmer 72.
Foote, Wm., (Castle Creek,) lot 204, carpenter and farmer 131.
Ford, Nathan, (Whitney's Point,) lot 319, farmer 175.
Fuller, Orlando C., (Whitney's Point,) lot 49, farmer 215.
Galloway, G. W., (Castle Creek,) lot 165, farmer 120.
Gaylord, Aaron, (Castle Creek,) lot 165, farmer 150.
Gaylord, Calvin H., (Whitney's Point,) lot 283, farmer 71.
Gaylord, Chas., ( Whitney's Point,) lot 244, farmer 80.
Gaylord, Elias, (Whitney's Point,) lot 244, farmer 180.
Gaylord, Osborne, (Whitney's Point,) lot 282, farmer 280.
Graves, Edward, (Castle Creek,) lot 204, farmer 190.
Gray, Albert, (Chenango Forks,) lot 199, farmer 58.
Gray, Ambrose, (Castle Creek,) lot 157, farmer 200.
Gray, Harriet Mrs., (Castle Creek,) lot 164, farmer 73.
Gray, Harvey, (Castle Creek,) lot 196, farmer 120.
Gray, Hiram, (Whitney's Point,) lot 278, farmer 10.
Gray, John, (Chenango Forks,) lot 200, farmer 95.
Gray, Richard, (Chenango Forks,) lot 158, farmer 130.
Green, Luke E., (Chenango Forks,) lot 40, farmer 165.
Guernsey, Milo M., (Whitney's Point,) lot 361, sawyer and farmer 12.
Hagaman, John, (Chenango Forks,) (with Maurice,) farmer, in Fenton, 72.
Hagaman, Maurice, (Chenango Forks,) (with John,) farmer, in Fenton, 72.
Hagaman, M. & Son, (Chenango Forks,) general merchants.
HALL, DAVID, (Chenango Forks,) lot 160, farmer 260.
HANES, ROBERT T., (Chenango Forks,) horse shoeing and carriage ironing.
Hanes, Willhelmus M., (Chenango Forks,), blacksmith.
Harrington & Crowell, (Chenango Forks,) (Hamilton L. Crowell and Franklin Harrington,) groceries, crockery and hardware.
Harrington, Franklin, (Chenango Forks,) (Harrington & Crowell.)
HARRINGTON, RUSSELL, (Whitney's Point,) lot 320, farmer 300.
HARRINGTON, SALPHRONIUS H., A. B., M. D., (Chenango Forks,) druggist, physician and surgeon, and farmer 10.
HATFIELD, WM., (Chenango Forks,) lot 201, farmer 290.
Hayes, Augustin, (Castle Creek,) lot 204, farmer 50.
Hayes & Beach, (Whitney's Point,) (Elias Hayes and ___ Beach,) lot 279, farmer 70.
Hayes, Elias, (Whitney's Point,) (Hayes & Beach.)
Hayes, Harriet Mrs., (Castle Creek,) lot 164, farmer 70.
Hayes, Jacob, (Castle Creek,) lot 164, farmer 135.
Heath, Wm., (Whitney's Point,) lot 279, farmer 15.
HAYWOOD, THOMAS Rev., (Chenango Forks,) lot 67, pastor of Congregational Church.
Hill, John A., (Chenango Forks,) proprietor of Tioughnioga House.
Hoadley, George, (Chenango Forks,) general merchant.
Hoag, John, (Triangle,) lot 38, farmer leases 140.
Holder, William, (Chenango Forks,) lot 67, constable and carpenter.
Holland, Elijah D., (Chenango Forks,) lot 240, farmer 74.
Holland, Elmira Mrs., (Whitney's Point,) lot 362, farmer 25.
Holland, John, (Chenango Forks,) lot 162, farmer leases of Lot Brown, 60.
Holland, Silas W., (Chenango Forks,) lot 241, farmer 100.
Holmes, Wm. H., (Castle Creek,) lot 195, farmer 153.
Howard, Henry & Son, (Castle Creek,) (Ira,) lot 166, farmer 70.
Howard Ira, (Castle Creek,) (Henry Howard & Son,)
Hulslander, Samuel, (Whitney's Point,) lot 283, farmer leases of Edwin F. Hyde, 150.
Hurlbut, Chas., (Chenango Forks,) lot 203, farmer leases of Harry Lyon, 250.
Hurlbut, Chauncy L., (Whitney's Point,) lot 74, farmer 420.
Hurlbut, Homer, (Chenango Forks,) lot 50, farmer leases of Chauncy L, 120.
Hyde, Chas. Jr., (Whitney's Point,) lot 277, farmer 86.
Hyde, Chas. Sen., (Whitney's Point,) lot 283, farmer 220.
Hyde, Geo., (Whitney's Point,) lot 277, farmer 260.
Jackson, William, (Chenango Forks,) lot 57, agent for patent medicines and toll collector.
Johnson, Theodore, (Chenango Forks,) lot 54, farmer leases of Simon, 130.
King, Harry, (Chenango Forks,) lot 202, assessor and farmer 70.
KINYON, JOHN W., (Chenango Forks,), town assessor, hardware, crockery and tin ware.
Kinyon, Jonathan, (Whitney's Point,) lot 73, farmer 136.
Kinyon, Milo, (Chenango Forks,) lot 54, farmer leases 226.
Kinyon, Nathaniel Sen., (Chenango Forks,) lot 49, farmer 70.
Kinyon, Thurston, (Chenango Forks,) lot 40, farmer 93.
Kirby, Wm., (Whitney's Point,) lot 361, farmer 72.
Knapp, Asa, (Chenango Forks,) lot 163, farmer 140.
Knapp, E. C., (Chenango Forks,) lot 199, farmer leases 147.
Knapp, John, (Whitney's Point,) lot 322, farmer 75.
Knapp, Richard, (Chenango Forks,) farmer 20.
Knapp, Warren, (Chenango Forks,) lot 199, farmer 147.
Lakey, Thomas R., (Chenango Forks,) grocer.
Lamb, Darius N., (Castle Creek,) lot 165, farmer 125.
Leach, Parley Mrs., (Whitney's Point,) lot 280, farmer 200.
Lincoln, Jed. D., (Chenango Forks,) lot 162, farmer leases of H. L. Burroughs, 125.
LIVERMORE, BURR, (Chenango Forks,) lot 67, boot and shoe maker.
Lord, Lyman, (Chenango Forks,) shoe maker.
Lowell, Daniel, (Chenango Forks,) general merchant.
Lull, Daniel, (Whitney's Point,) lot 238, farmer leases of Asa Beach, 140.
Madison, Lewis, (Chenango Forks,) lot 281, farmer leases of Mrs. Chester Eldridge, 100.
Marsh, Henry and Sarah, estate of, (Triangle,) lot 21, 110 acres.
Masten, James R., (Chenango Forks,) lot 62, farmer 108.
Meade, Alexander, (Whitney's Point,) lot 69, farmer 100.
Merrill, Almeron P. Rev., (Castle Creek,) lot 238, Baptist clergyman and farmer 130.
Mix, Geo., (Chenango Forks,) lot 162, farmer 100.
Morse, John S., (Triangle,) lot 36, farmer 150.
Murphy, Thos., (Whitney's Point,) lot 236, farmer 70.
Murphy, Wm., (Whitney's Point,) lot 236, farmer 60.
Murray, James, (Whitney's Point,) lot 360, farmer 110.
Myrick, John, (Castle Creek,) lot 166, farmer 50.
Newman, Isaac, (Whitney's Point,) lot 48, farmer 250.
Ockerman, John W., (Chenango Forks,), lot 65, farmer 100.
Owen, Daniel, (Chenango Forks,) lot 64, farmer 79.
Page, Enos, (Whitney's Point,) lot 320, farmer 120.
Palmer, Jenkins, (Chenango Forks,) blacksmith and, in Fenton, farmer 90.
Parsons, Alvah, (Chenango Forks,) (with Benjamin B., ) farmer.
Parsons, Benjamin B., (Chenango Forks,) (with Alvah,) farmer.
Parsons, Chauncy, (Chenango Forks,) lot 160, farmer 150.
Parsons, Horace W., (Whitney's Point,) lot 359, farmer 330.
Parsons, Joseph S., (Whitney's Point,) lot 360, supervisor, lumberman and farmer 250.
PEASE, ALONZO, (Whitneys' Point,) (Wm. Pease & Son,) lot 351, justice of the peace and farmer 17.
Pease, Newell, (Whitney's Point,) lot 318, farmer 200.
PEASE, WM., (Whitney's Point,) (Wm. Pease & Son,) lot 322, farmer 149.
PEASE, WM. & SON, (Whitney's Point,) (Alonzo,) lumberman.
Phelps, Baruch, (Triangle,) lot 37, carpenter and farmer 70.
Phelps, Orsemus, (Whitney's Point,) lot 284, farmer 55.
Phelps, Seth, (Triangle,) lot 21, farmer 80.
PORTER & BURROUGHS, (Chenango Forks,) (Erastus B. Porter and Benjamin J. Burroughs,) produce commission merchants and grocers.
PORTER, ERASTUS B., (Chenango Forks,) (Porter & Burroughs.)
Porter, James H., (Chenango Forks,) merchant tailor.
Potter, Eugene, (Chenango Forks,) lot 49, farmer 100.
Prince, David, (Chenango Forks,) lot 40, farmer 106.
Prince, Samuel, (Chenango Forks,) lot 39, farmer 76.
Puffer, Moses, (Castle Creek,) lot 164, farmer 40 and leases 73.
Purdy, William E., (Chenango Forks,) lot 62, road commissioner and farmer 50.
Read, Thomas P., (Chenango Forks,) lot 50, farmer leases of Niles Kinyon, 160.
Relyea, Selah O., (Chenango Forks,) lot 200, farmer 70.
Remmelee, John J., (Whitney's Point,) local M. E. preacher.
Reynolds, Peter, (Chenango Forks,) lot 53, farmer 85.
Rich, John W., (Triangle,) farmer leases 450.
Rich, John W. Mrs., (Triangle,) lot 37, farmer 150.
Rogers, Charles, (Whitney's Point,) lot 38, farmer 134.
Rogers, George, (Chenango Forks,) lot 67, farmer 200.
ROGERS, HENRY A., (Chenango Forks,) postmaster and prop. of refreshment room.
Rogers, John, (Chenango Forks,) (with Simeon B.,) lot 67, farmer 75.
ROGERS, JOHN B., (Chenango Forks,) (J. B. Rogers & Co.,) (Rogers & Wheeler.)
ROGERS, J. B. & CO., (Chenango Forks,) dealers in and shippers of all kinds of produce.
Rogers, Simeon B., (Chenango Forks,) (with John,) lot 67, farmer 75.
Root, Myron S., (Whitney's Point,) lot 281, farmer 100.
Rummer, Henry, (Castle Creek,) lot 196, sawyer and farmer 30.
Shandley, Michael, (Whitney's Point,) lot 236, marble cutter and farmer 60.
Shattuck, David, (Chenango Forks,) lot 54, farmer 140.
Sherwood, Isaac, (Chenango Forks,) lot 51, farmer leases of Simon Strickland, 125.
Shevalier, Solomon, (Whitney's Point,) lot 236, farmer 74.
Shipman, Lawson, (Whitney's Point,) lot 320, justice of the peace and farmer 93.
Smith, Darius M., (Whitney's Point,) lot 284, farmer 70.
Smith, John, (Chenango Forks,) lot 53, farmer 50.
Sparling, Henry, (Whitney's Point,) farmer 3.
Spendley, Zina A., (Chenango Forks,) allo. physician.
Stickney, Franklin, (Whitney's Point,) lot 48, bridge builder and farmer 100.
Stiler, Simeon, (Whitney's Point,) lot 244, farmer 100.
Stoddard, Angeline, (widow,) (Chenango Forks,) lot 67, agent for sewing machines and musical instruments.
Stoddard, Ebenezer, (Chenango Forks,) lot 162, farmer 25.
STODDARD, ISAAC T., (Chenango Forks,) town clerk, notary public, general insurance agent, &c.
Stoddard, Thomas, (Chenango Forks,) grocer and farmer 10.
Stoughton, Garritt V. H., (Whitney's Point,) (G. V. H. Stoughton & Son,) lot 279, farmer 50.
Stoughton, Geo., (Whitney's Point,) (G. V. H. Stoughton & Son.)
Stoughton, G. V. H. & Son, (Whitney's Point,) (Garritt V. H. and Geo.,) lot 279, farmer 150.
Stoughton, John, (Whitney's Point,) lot 279, farmer 73.
Stowell, Isaac R., (Triangle,) lot 21, farmer leases of Asa D. Leonard, 150.
Stowell, Oscar, (Castle Creek,) lot 166, poor master and farmer 100.
Stowell, Sherman, (Triangle,) lot 22, carpenter and farmer 35.
Strickland, Uriah, (Chenango Forks,) lot 53, carpenter and farmer 140.
SWEETLAND, ALVAN, (Triangle,) lot 23, farmer 200.
Terwilliger, Harman B., (Triangle,) lot 21, farmer 88.
Terwilliger, Harmon S., (Chenango Forks,) lot 62, farmer 50.
Terwilliger, Nelson, (Chenango Forks,) lot 35, farmer 95.
Terwilliger, William, (Whitney's Point,) lot 74, farmer leases 140.
Thompson, Anson B., (Chenango Forks,) lot 160, farmer 40.
Thurston, Ransom, (Whitney's Point,) lot 360, farmer 80.
Thurston, Thomas, (Chenango Forks,) lot 51, farmer 50.
Torry, A. Rev., (Chenango Forks,) lot 6, farmer 285.
Walter A. B., (Whitney's Point,) lot 284, farmer 218.
Walter, Philo G., (Whitney's Point,) lot 358, farmer 121.
Weller, James E., (Chenango Forks,) lot 67, harness maker.
Wentworth, David F., (Whitney's Point,) lot 320, farmer 15.
Westover, Dorus, (Whitney's Point,) lot 71, constable and farmer 137.
Whaley, Thomas, (Chenango Forks,) lot 67, farmer 10.
Wheeler, Cyrus, (Chenango Forks,) lot 67, saw and grist mills.
White, Henry M., (Castle Creek,) lot 237, sawyer, school teacher and farmer 60.
Wooster, James K., (Whitney's Point,) (with Moses,) lot 318, farmer 136.
Wooster, Moses, (Whitney's Point,) (with James K.,) lot 318, farmer 136.
Wright, Reuben W., (Castle Creek,) lot 196, farmer leases of John Foote, 20.
Transcribed by Mary Hafler - December, 2006.
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