(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Adams, Frank, (Upper Lisle,) lumbering.
Adams, Horace, (Triangle,) lot 32, farmer 140.
Adams, Perry, (Whitney's Point,) cooper.
Aikin, Caroline Mrs., (Triangle,) lot 67, farmer 67.
Alexander, Stephen, (Triangle,) farmer.
Ames, Jesse P., (Whitney's Point,) lot 36, farmer 305.
Andrews, J. J., (Whitney's Point,) oyster saloon.
Arnold, R. B., (Whitney's Point,) lot 39, carpenter and farmer 30.
ASHLEY, C. P., (Whitney's Point,) lot 5, blacksmith and farmer leases 96.
Ashley, Geo., (Upper Lisle,) farmer leases 155.
ASHLEY, HARRY, (Upper Lisle,) lot 24, farmer 163.
Austin, A., (Upper Lisle,) general merchant and postmaster.
Badger, Orrin W., (Whitney's Point,) lot 42, farmer 150.
Baker, Cyrus, (Whitney's Point,) lot 33, farmer 150.
BAKER, GIDEON, (Upper Lisle,) (Gideon Baker & Son.)
BAKER, GIDEON & SON, (Whitney's Point,) (Wm. W.,) lot 32, farmer 140.
BAKER, GUY E., (Triangle,) farmer 226.
BAKER, WM. W., (Whitney's Point,) (Gideon Baker & Son.)
Baldwin, W. S., (Whitney's Point,) farmer 135.
Ballard, Dwight, (Upper Lisle,) lot 42, farmer 160.
Ballard, H. S., (Upper Lisle,) lot 42, secretary Triangle Cheese Co. and farmer 140.
BEACH, ASA, (Whitney's Point,) (Collins & Beach,) (F. & A. Beach.)
Beardslee, Pernet, (Whitney's Point,) lot 39, farmer 75.
Beckwith, John F., (Smithville Flats, Chenango Co.,) lot 26, farmer 142.
Beeman, Ansel, (Triangle,) lot 61, farmer 150.
Bennett, C. C., (Whitney's Point,) lot 27, secretary Broome Co. Agricultural Society and farmer 119.
Bennett, Wm. G., (Upper Lisle,) lot 23, farmer 164.
Benson, Wm., (Triangle,) lot 54, farmer 130.
Bigsby, John, (Whitney's Point,) horse dealer.
Birdsall & Davis, (Whitney's Point,) (S. H. Birdsall and D. B. Davis,) general merchants, Main.
Birdsall, S. E., (Whitney's Point,) clothing, boots and shoes, hats and caps, Main.
Birdsall, S. H., (Whitney's Point,) (Birdsall & Davis.)
BISHOP, GEO. C., (Whitney's Point,) (G. C. Bishop & Son,) undertaker and furniture dealer, Collins.
BISHOP, G. C. & SON, (Whitney's Point,) (George C. and Junius F.,) grove and fish poinds, 5 acres.
BISHOP, JUNIUS F., (Whitney's Point,) (G. C. Bishop & Son.)
Blancher, Geo., (Upper Lisle,) lot 25, wagon maker, prop. thrashing machine and farmer 14 .
Blancher, Luther, (Upper Lisle,) lot 32, farmer 60.
Bliss, F., (Whitney's Point,) lot 59, farmer 150.
Boardman, Eli, (Triangle,) lot 1, farmer 50.
Brewer, Byron, (Whitney's Point,) (Brewer & Seymour.)
BREWER, EUGENE L., (Triangle,) farmer 106.
Brewer, John, (Triangle,) lot 67, farmer 300.
Brewer & Seymour, (Whitney's Point,) (Byron Brewer and G. W. Seymour,) brick makers.
Brown, David, (Whitney's Point,) lot 58, farmer 110.
Brown, Gurdeon H., (Smithville Flats, Chenango Co.,) lot 27, veterinary surgeon and farmer 287.
Brown, John, (Whitney's Point,) farmer 10.
Burghardt, Henry, (Upper Lisle,) lot 14, farmer 181.
Burghardt, Jacob, (Whitney's Point,) lot 38, farmer 225.
BURGHARDT, JOHN Jr., (Upper Lisle,) (J. Burghardt & Sons.)
BURGHARDT, JOHN Sen., (Upper Lisle,) (J. Burghardt & Sons.)
BURGHARDT, J. & SONS, (Upper Lisle,) (John Sen., John Jr. and Robert,) lot 12, tanners, props. saw and planing mills, and farmers 800.
BURGHARDT, ROBERT, (Upper Lisle,) (J. Burghardt & Sons,) lot 13, farmer.
BURGHARDT, R. M., (Upper Lisle,) lot 13, farmer 170.
Burlingame, Chas., (Whitney's Point,) carpenter.
BURROWS, ALEX. Rev., (Triangle,) pastor M. E. Church.
BUTTS, DANIEL D., (Whitney's Point,) (Butts & Gardner.)
BUTTS & GARDNER, (Whitney's Point,) (Daniel D. Butts and Wm. Gardner,) house and sign painters, grainers and paper hangers.
Cady, J. H., (Whitney's Point,) (R. A. & J. H. Cady.)
Cady, R. A. & J. H., (Whitney's Point,) lot 45, farmer 50.
Caliar, James, (Whitney's Point,) (with Philip,) farmer leases of Isaiah J. Dings, 100.
Caliar, Philip, (Whitney's Point,) (with James,) farmer leases of Isaiah J. Dings, 100.
CAMPBELL, ORRIN B., (Upper Lisle,) boot and shoe manuf.
Canfield, Asa, (Upper Lisle,) lot 16, farmer 224.
Carter, Henry, (Upper Lisle,) lot 18, farmer 57.
CARTWRIGHT, EARL, (Whitney's Point,) lot 68, supervisor and farmer 177.
Cartwright, Samuel, (Triangle,) farmer 25.
Chubb, Abraham, (Upper Lisle,) lot 22, farmer 56.
Clark, Cynthia Mrs., (Upper Lisle,) lot 20, farmer 150.
Clark, Richard A. Rev., (Whitney's Point,) pastor First Congregational Church.
Clough, Francis B., (Upper Lisle,) lot 21, drover and farmer 460.
Clough, Harry, (Upper Lisle,) lot 21, salesman Triangle Cheese Co. and farmer 110.
COLLINS, ALONZO, (Whitney's Point,) (Collins, Perry & Co.,) (Perry & Collins,) (Snook, Collins & Co.,) (Collins & Beach,) farmer 700.
COLLINS & BEACH, (Whitney's Point,) (Alonzo Collins and Asa Beach,) dealers in farm produce, Main.
COLLINS, PERRY & Co., (Whitney's Point,) general merchants, Main.
COLLINS, WM. W., (Whitney's Point,) (Collins, Perry & Co.)
Conrad, John, (Upper Lisle,) blacksmith.
Conro, L., (Triangle,) lot 61, farmer 100.
Cook, Chas. A., (Whitney's Point,) (C. A. & C. M. Cook.)
Cook, C. A. & C. M., (Whitney's Point,) (Chas. A. and Chas. M.,) farmers 175.
Cook, Chas. M., (Whitney's Point,) (C. A. & C. M. Cook,) surveyer and lumberman.
Cook, Wm. W., (Whitney's Point,) farmer 127.
Cooler, Daniel A., (Whitney's Point,) tailor, Main.
Corbin, John P., (Whitney's Point,) dealer in Eureka Butter Workers.
Cornell, H. Rev., (Triangle,) pastor Baptist Church.
Crane, Nathaniel M., (Whitney's Point,) (Merchant & Crane.)
Currier, John H., (Upper Lisle,) lot 30, farmer leases 250.
Daniels, G. H., (Whitney's Point,) watches, jewelry &c.
Davis, D. B., (Whitney's Point,) (Birdsall & Davis.)
DAY, GEO. A., (Upper Lisle,) (Newell & Day,) justice of the peace.
Day, Geo. W., (Whitney's Point,) lot 32, farmer 50.
Dewey, John, (Upper Lisle,) lot 24, farmer leases of John T. Landers, 175.
Dewey, Levi, (Upper Lisle,) lot 11, farmer 100.
Dickinson, Cyrus, (Whitney's Point,) lot 43, farmer 57.
Dickinson, Seth, (Whitney's Point,) lot 43, farmer 79.
Dillenbeck, Hiram N., (Upper Lisle,) lot 21, farmer 100.
Dillenbeck, Jacob, (Upper Lisle,) lot 24, farmer 112.
Dimmick, _____, (Whitney's Point,) (Hanford & Dimmick.)
Dings, Isaiah J., (Whitney's Point,) carriage maker, justice of the peace and farmer 110.
Dodge, Avery B., (Whitney's Point,) lot 89, dealer in patent medicines and farmer 15.
Dorchester, Walter, (Whitney's Point,) lot 41, (W. M. & W. Dorchester.)
Dorchester, Wm., (Whitney's Point,) lot 39, (W. M. & W. Dorchester.)
Dorchester W. M. & W., (Whitney's Point,) (Wm. and Walter,) farmers 300.
Dornburgh, Abram, (Triangle,) lot 57, farmer leases 100.
Dunckel, Geo., (Triangle,) wagon maker and farmer 9 .
Dunham, E., (Whitney's Point,) express man.
Dunham, Griffin & Co., (Whitney's Point,) (Lewis Dunham, Chas. Z. and J. P. Griffin,) butchers, Main.
Dunham, Lewis, (Whitney's Point,) (Dunham, Griffin & Co.)
Edwards, Hiram M., (Triangle,) lot 59, farmer 100.
Egbertson, John H., (Upper Lisle,) lot 25, constable and dealer in hides, pelts &c.
Eggleston, Chas. W., (Triangle,) lot 2, farmer 100.
Eggleston, Dorcy H., (Triangle,) farmer 2.
Eggleston, Frederick, (Triangle,) lot 54, farmer 260.
Eggleston, Frederick C., (Triangle,) lot 54, farmer 113.
Eggleston, Joseph, (Triangle,) lot 61, grain thresher and farmer 64.
Eggleston, J. D., (Triangle,) farmer leases 116.
Eggleston, Maria Mrs., (Triangle,) lot 72, farmer 119 .
Eggleston, Orlando, (Triangle,) lot 20, farmer 24.
EGGLESTON, ORTHELLO, (Triangle,) lot 74, farmer 110.
Eggleston, Sylvester H., (Triangle,) lot 2, carpenter and farmer 62.
EGLESTON, ROCITER, (Triangle,) lot 62, farmer 30.
ELDREDGE & HYDE, (Whitney's Point,) (Milo B. Eldredge and Edwin F. Hyde,) dealers in coal, lime, salt, plaster &c.
ELDREDGE, MILO B., (Whitney's Point,) (Eldredge & Hyde,) station agent D. L. & W. R. R.
Elliott, Delatus, (Upper Lisle,) lot 26, farmer 90.
Elliott, L. B., (Upper Lisle,) prop. Upper Lisle Hotel.
English, Benj., (Triangle,) lot 63, farmer 128.
English, Sidney, (Triangle,) lot 64, farmer leases 158.
Failing, Abraham, (Whitney's Point,) cheese maker.
Fuller, Abram, (Smithville Flats, Chenango Co.,) farmer.
Fuller, Orlo B., (Smithville Flats, Chenango Co.,) lot 25, farmer 217.
Gardner, Mary C. Miss, (Whitney's Point,) milliner, Collins.
GARDNER, WM., (Whitney's Point,) (Butts & Gardner.)
Gates, Albert, (Triangle,) lot 20, farmer.
Goetchens, John D., (Upper Lisle,) lot 25, farmer 192.
Goodrich, Allen, (Whitney's Point,) (Goodrich & VanDerson.)
Goodrich & VanDerson, (Whitney's Point,) (Allen Goodrich and Isaac VanDerson,) blacksmiths, Main.
GRAY, ORIN D., (Triangle,) lot 55, farmer 231.
Green, F. W., (Whitney's Point,) saw and planing mills and farmer 5.
Green, J. G., (Whitney's Point,) lot 39, estate of Eben Green, farmer 154.
GRIDLEY, F. D., (Whitney's Point,) (Snook, Collins & Co.,) eclectic physician, surgeon and farmer 10.
Griffin Bros., (Whitney's Point,) (J. P. and Chas. Z.,) general merchants, Collins.
Griffin, Chas. Z., (Whitney's Point,) (Dunham, Griffin & Co.)
Griffin, J. P., (Whitney's Point,) (Griffin Bros.) (Dunham, Griffin & Co.)
Gross, Hannah Mrs., (Triangle,) lot 18, farmer 87.
Gross, Nelson I., (Triangle,) lot 18, farmer leases of Peter Bates, 30.
Guier, Peter, (Whitney's Point,) musician and farmer 3.
HALL, CHAS. S., (Triangle,) assessor and farmer 270.
HALL, EUGENE V., (Triangle,) lot 52, farmer 125.
Hall, Theresa Mrs., (Whitney's Point,) lot 50, farmer 230.
Hand, Andrew, (Upper Lisle,) lot 20, farmer leases 150.
Hanford & Dimmick, (Whitney's Point,) harness makers, Main.
Hanford, M. L., (Whitney's Point,) (Hanford & Dimmick.)
Hawley, F. E., (Whitney's Point,) barber, Main.
HAYES, LEVI, (Triangle,) farmer 128.
Hayes, Nathaniel, (Triangle,) tanner and farmer 2 .
Hayes, Sabin, (Triangle,) lot 59, farmer 357.
Hazard, Franklin C., (Whitney's Point,) lot 32, farmer 198.
Hazard, John E., (Smithville Flats, Chenango Co., ) lot 27, farmer 225.
Hemingway, E. B., (Whitney's Point,) (H. Hemingway & Son.)
Hemingway, H., (Whitney's Point,) (H. Hemingway & Son,) farmer 270.
Hemingway, H. & Son, (Whitney's Point,) (E. B.,) clothing, boots and shoes, drugs, paints and oils, Main.
Hemingway, Vincent W., (Whitney's Point,) farmer leases of Dr. Hemingway, 248.
Hewitt, J. W., Rev., (Whitney's Point,) pastor M. E. Church.
Hibbard, Deloss, (Upper Lisle,) lot 20, mechanic and farmer 38.
Hibbard, Henry K., (Upper Lisle,) lot 20, farmer 60.
Hoag, Chas. F., (Upper Lisle,) (N. D. Hoag & Son.)
Hoag, Franklin, (Upper Lisle,) blacksmith and farmer 1 .
Hoag, N. D. & Son, (Upper Lisle,) (Nehemiah D. and Chas. F.,) general merchants.
Hoag, Nehemiah D., (Upper Lisle,) (N. D. Hoag & Son.)
HODGES, ALEX., (Whitney's Point,) lot 39, assessor and farmer 300.
Hopkins, John, (Whitney's Point,) (Johnson & Hopkins.)
Howland, Edgar, (Whitney's Point,) lot 37, farmer leases 275.
Howland, Frank, (Whitney's Point,) egg dealer.
Howland, Minor, (Whitney's Point,) lot 37, farmer 275.
HOWLAND, RANSOM, (Whitney's Point,) lawyer, president of village and farmer 2.
Hurd, Geo. W., (Whitney's Point,) lot 5, farmer leases 335.
HYDE, EDWIN F., (Whitney's Point,) (Eldredge & Hyde,) farmer 75.
Ingraham, Andrew W., (Whitney's Point,) lot 38, farmer 7 and leases 225.
Jackson, Chas. W., (Triangle,) farmer 2 .
Jackson, Henry, (Triangle,) lot 41, farmer leases of Job Taft, 92.
Jackson, Nelson R., (Triangle,) lot 2, thresher and farmer leases of Geo. English, 117.
Jeffords, Allen C., (Upper Lisle,) lot 22, farmer 160.
JEFFORDS, URIAH A., (Upper Lisle,) lot 22, farmer 60.
Jenks, S. H., (Upper Lisle,) lot 11, farmer 25.
Johnson, Chas., (Whitney's Point,) lot 58, farmer 130.
Johnson, Geo. C., (Whitney's Point,) lot 33, farmer 109.
Johnson & Hopkins, (Whitney's Point,) (John Johnson and John Hopkins,) hardware, tinware and stoves, Collins.
Johnson, Jabez, (Whitney's Point,) flour and feed dealer and farmer 15.
Johnson, John, (Whitney's Point,) (Johnson & Hopkins.)
Johnson, Justin L., (Upper Lisle,) lot 16, justice of the peace, carpenter and farmer 40.
Johnson, Lucius A., (Whitney's Point,) farmer 29.
Johnson, Peter, (Triangle,) lot 3, farmer 212.
Kells, Margaret Mrs., (Whitney's Point,) lot 36, farmer 50.
Kelly, Dewitt B., (Upper Lisle,) lot 25, farmer 83.
King, H., (Whitney's Point,) expressman.
KINYON, BENJ., (Triangle,) allo. physician and surgeon, and farmer 2.
KNICKERBOCKER, W. E., (Whitney's Point,) cooper.
Ladd, C. H. Mrs., (Whitney's Point,) photograph artist, Collins.
Landers, Betsy M. Mrs., (Upper Lisle,) lot 11, farmer 87 .
Landers, Eben, (UpperLisle,) farmer 6.
LANDERS, JOHN T., (Upper Lisle,) lot 24, farmer 175.
Landers, Philo, (Upper Lisle,) farmer 55.
Lewis, Asa, (Whitney's Point,) lot 51, farmer 128.
Lewis, Henry W., (Whitney's Point,) lot 52, farmer 80.
Livermore, Nathan, (Whitney's Point,) (Livermore & Terpening.)
Livermore & Terpening, (Whitney's Point,) (Nathan Livermore and Truman Terpening,) carriage makers.
Longbothum, J. R., (Whitney's Point,) stencil cutter.
Loomis, J. F., (Whitney's Point,) machinist.
Love, Chas., (Triangle,) blacksmith.
Love, Geo., (Whitney's Point,) blacksmith.
Love, Moses, (Whitney's Point,) blacksmith.
Low, C. A. Mrs., (Triangle,) dress maker.
Mack. Chas. M., (Triangle,) lot 44, farmer 118 .
MATTHEWSON, AUGUSTUS M., (Upper Lisle,) lot 27, justice of the peace and farmer leases of Chauncy C. Bennett, 64.
Matthewson, Edmund, (Upper Lisle,) lot 27, surveyor and farmer 64.
McFarland, A. C., (Upper Lisle,) lot 13, cabinet maker and farmer 3.
McGee, Albert, (Triangle,) lot 61, farmer 100.
Merchant & Crane, (Whitney's Point,) lot 2, farmer 300.
Meyers, J., (Upper Lisle,) lot 19, farmer 60.
Meyers, Levi, (Upper Lisle,) lot 19, carpenter and farmer 60.
Mitchell, Geo. W., (Whitney's Point,) lot 56, farmer 355.
Mitchell, Smith, (Whitney's Point, ) lot 56, farmer leases of Mrs. Green, 36.
Mitchell, Wm. G., (Whitney's Point,) farmer leases 40.
Mowry, Andrew, (Triangle,) lot 41, farmer 125 .
Mowry, George R., (Triangle,) lot 41, shoe maker and farmer 4.
Mowry, Henry D., (Triangle,) lot 60, mason and farmer 10.
Mowry, Morris, (Upper Lisle,) lot 22, farmer leases of R. Thurston, 40.
NEWELL & DAY, (Upper Lisle,) (Nathaniel Newell and Geo. A. Day,) lot 14, farmers 183.
NEWELL, NATHANIEL, (Upper Lisle,) (Newell & Day,) lot 25, farmer 125.
Nusom, R. C. Mrs., (Triangle,) lot 1, farmer 46.
Olmstead, Chandler, (Triangle,) groceries, crockery &c.
OLMSTEAD, CHARLES S., (Whitney's Point,) dealer in groceries, stationery, boots, shoes &c., postmaster, town clerk, village clerk, treasurer Broome Co. Agricultural Society and treasurer Union Free School.
Osborn, Frederick I., (Whitney's Point,) farmer 80.
PAGE, CYRUS, (Whitney's Point,) lot 50, farmer 200.
Page, John O., (Whitney's Point,) lot 34, agent for wagons and farmer 75.
Page, Lander, (Triangle,) lot 74, farmer 170.
Page, Luther, (Whitney's Point,) lot 34, farmer 170.
Page, Orlan T., (Whitney's Point,) lot 34, farmer 170.
Page, R. D., (Whitney's Point, ) lot 40, egg dealer and farmer 196.
Page, Sherman, (Upper Lisle,) lot 5, farmer 85.
PAGE, SHERMAN C., (Triangle,) lot 53, farmer 200.
Park, Edwin, (Whitney's Point,) farmer 160.
Park, Rufus, (Whitney's Point,) carpenter and farmer 11.
Parker, Bion, (Triangle,) lot 44, farmer 52.
Parker, Thos., (Triangle,) lot 44, farmer 156.
Pearsall, Egbert, (Triangle,) lot 20, farmer 166.
Peck, Andrew L., (Whitney's Point,) lot 43, farmer 75.
Peck, John D., (Whitney's Point,) farmer 55.
PERKINS, F. L., (Whitney's Point,) (Perkins & Whitcomb.)
Perkins, Randall, (Whitney's Point,) sawyer, lumberman and farmer 3.
PERKINS & WHITCOMB, (Whitney's Point,) (F. L. Perkins and G. O. Whitcomb,) dealers in groceries, crockery ware, wall paper and general merchandise, also dealers in wool, hides and tallow, Collins.
Perry, W. H. Mrs., (Whitney's Point,) milliner, Main.
Perry, ___, (Whitney's Point,) (Collins, Perry & Co.)
Pike, Fred R. Mrs., (Upper Lisle,) lot 26, farmer 75.
Pinney, R. H. Mrs., (Whitney's Point,) dress maker, Main.
Pratt, O. J., (Whitney's Point,) druggist, Collins.
Purdy, Samuel, (Whitney's Point,) carpenter and farmer leases of Mrs. Dibble, 2.
Richardson, Eugene, (Upper Lisle, ) lot 12, farmer 74.
Roberts, Esther Mrs., (Whitney's Point,) lot 64, farmer 106.
ROBERTS, T. H., (Whitney's Point,) principal of Whitney's Point Union School and Academy.
Robinson, A. C., (Whitney's Point,) lot 65, farmer 93.
Rockwell, Ann Mrs., (Upper Lisle,) lot 35, farmer 134.
Rogers, Benj., (Whitney's Point,) farmer 300.
ROGERS, C. R., (Whitney's Point,) allo. physician and surgeon.
Rogers, Earlman, (Whitney's Point,) lot 65, farmer 180.
Rogers, Jerry, (Whitney's Point,) farmer 100.
ROGERS, MOSES, (Whitney's Point,) prop. Rogers House, Main.
Rogers, W. H., (Whitney's Point,) prop. livery stable and street commissioner.
ROSS, D. T. Rev., (Whitney's Point,) pastor First Baptist Church.
ROUSE, JOEL & SONS, (Upper Lisle,) (Lavoisian DeCalvus and Laroy Deloss,) lot 35, farmer 300.
ROUSE, LAROY DELOSS, (Upper Lisle,) (Joel Rouse & Sons.)
ROUSE, LAVOISIAN DE CALVUS, (Upper Lisle,) (Joel Rouse & Sons.)
Sanford, Geo. W., (Triangle,) lot 60, farmer 70.
Sanford, Seymour, (Triangle,) lot 57, farmer 250.
Saulsbury, Albertus, (Upper Lisle,) farmer leases of M. L. Totman, 20.
Saxton, Albert, (Smithville Flats, Chenango Co.,) lot 28, farmer 133.
Saxton, Henry H., (Whitney's Point,) lot 42, farmer 180.
SAXTON, ISRAEL, (Triangle,) boot and shoe maker, and farmer 5.
Scofiel, E. A. Miss, (Whitney's Point,) dress maker and milliner, Collins.
Self, Joseph, (Triangle,) lot 53, farmer 60.
Seymour, C. A., (Whitney's Point,) farmer 4.
SEYMOUR, FREDERICK R., (Whitney's Point,) lot 57, farmer 75.
Seymour, G. W., (Whitney's Point,) (Brewer & Seymour,) farmer 65.
SEYMOUR, HENRY A., (Whitney's Point,) farmer 100.
Shipman, Frank, (Triangle,) wagon maker.
Showers, Daniel, (Whitney's Point,) carpenter.
SHUART, JOHN S. B., (Whitney's Point,) (with Wm. G., farmer.
SHUART, WM. G., (Whitney's Point,) lot 65, farmer 50.
Sibley, G. P., (Triangle,) lot 20, notary public and farmer 61.
SIMMONS BROS., (Triangle,) (Rollin A. and E. W.,) dealers in hops.
SIMMONS, E. W., (Triangle,) (Simmons Bros.,) (Whitney & Co.,) post master, dealer in groceries, boots, shoes, drugs and yankee notions, lumberman, hop grower and farmer 36.
Simmons, H. R., (Triangle,) lot 62, farmer 150.
SIMMONS, ROLLIN A., (Triangle,) (Simmons Bros.,) farmer 150.
Slater, Effa, (Triangle,) milliner and tailoress.
Sly, A., (Whitney's Point,) shoemaker.
SMITH, CHAS. F., (Upper Lisle,) lot 25, farmer 138.
Smith, Dennis, (Whitney's Point,) tannery.
Smith, Erastus, (Upper Lisle,) lot 17, farmer 184.
Smith, E. B., (Upper Lisle,) lot 11, farmer 143.
SMITH, J. L., (Lisle,) lot 3, secretary Stillwater Manuf. Co. and farmer 140.
Smith, Silas, (Upper Lisle,) lot 10, farmer 224.
Smith, Willie Jr., (Upper Lisle,) lot 20, farmer 43.
SNOOK, COLLINS & CO., (Whitney's Point,) (J. M. Snook, Alonzo Colvins and F. D. Gridley,) manufs. sash, blinds, doors and mouldings.
SNOOK, J. M., (Whitney's Point,) (Snook, Collins & Co.)
Southerland, Andrew, (Whitney's Point,) shoemaker, Main.
Spencer, Jason G., (Whitney's Point,) carpenter.
Stalker, Peter, (Upper Lisle,) lot 11, farmer 185.
Standish, Chas., (Triangle,) lot 43, farmer 50.
Standish, Cynthia Mrs., (Triangle,) lot 58, farmer 66.
Starkey, Geo. M., (Upper Lisle,) lot 26, farmer 133.
Stearns, Gary, (Whitney's Point,) farmer 11.
Stearns, H. P. Miss, (Whitney's Point,) dressmaker, Main.
STEVENS, ISRAEL, (Whitney's Point,) insurance agent and farmer 2 , Main.
Stickney, Amos, (Upper Lisle,) lot 27, surveyor, carpenter and farmer 175.
Stone, C. H., (Triangle,) wagon maker.
Stone, Francis B., (Triangle,) lot 59, farmer leases of Wm. G. Guernsey, 103.
STONE, STEPHEN N., (Whitney's Point,) dealer in hardware, stoves, agricultural implements and glass, Main.
Stowell, John M., (Whitney's Point,) lot 27, farmer 55.
Sweet, Eli, (Whitney's Point,) dentist.
Sweetland, Anson, (Triangle,) lot 59, farmer 85.
Sweetland, Chas. J., (Triangle,) lot 19, farmer 140.
Sweetland, F. B., (Triangle,) constable and farmer.
Sweetland, Ira, (Triangle,) lot 23, carpenter and farmer 32.
Taber, Wm. L., (Triangle,) lot 3, farmer 87.
Taft, Amos F., (Triangle,) blacksmith and farmer 8.
Taft, Asa, (Triangle,) lot 57, farmer 50.
Taft, Asa P., (Triangle,) lot 1, carpenter and farmer 27.
Taft, Chas. G., (Triangle,) lot 72, farmer leases of John, 208.
Taft, David, (Triangle,) lot 44, farmer 50.
Taft, Geo. M., (Triangle,) lot 57, farmer 115.
Taft, Job, (Triangle,) lot 41, carpenter and farmer 92.
Taft, Lewis, (Whitney's Point,) cabinet maker.
TAYLOR, A. F., (Upper Lisle,) allo. physician.
Taylor, C. E. Rev., (Whitney's Point,) pastor M. E. Church at Chenango Forks and Kattelville, also insurance agent.
Terpening, Truman, (Whitney's Point,) (Livermore & Terpening.)
Thurston, O. H., (Upper Lisle,) lot 26, farmer 50.
Ticknor, Elisha, (Upper Lisle,) lot 14, farmer 50.
Ticknor, Geo. S., (Triangle,) lot 55, farmer 128.
Ticknor, Lewis M., (Upper Lisle,) farmer leases 200.
Ticknor, Mariette Mrs., (Upper Lisle,) lot 29, farmer 155.
Ticknor, Marion F., (Triangle,) lot 43, farmer leases 94.
Ticknor, Nancy A. Mrs., (Whitney's Point,) lot 64, farmer 100.
Ticknor, Samuel, (Triangle,) lot 54, farmer 120.
Ticknor, Samuel 2d, (Upper Lisle,) lot 29, farmer 200.
Tillson, Stephen, (Whitney's Point,) lot 33, farmer 117.
Todd, A., (Triangle,) prop. Kinyon House.
Triangle Cheese Co., (Upper Lisle,) H. S. Ballard, secretary; Francis Clough, treasurer; Harry Clough, salesman.
Turner, J. Clark, (Triangle,) carpenter and farmer 10.
Upper Lisle Lodge, F. & A. M., No. 388, (Upper Lisle,) meets every 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month; Jasper Smith, W. M.; R. O. Williams, secretary; L. B. Elliott, treasurer.
VanDerson, Isaac, (Whitney's Point,) (Goodrich & VanDerson.)
Vars, Samuel L., (Upper Lisle,) shoemaker.
Vroman, Jacob H., (Triangle,) blacksmith.
Watrous, Alfred E., (Upper Lisle,) lot 28, farmer leases of Alex. Hodges, 200.
Webb, Samuel, (Upper Lisle,) lot 20, bark peeler and farmer 12.
Webb, Stephen, (Whitney's Point,) lot 42, farmer 173.
Weld, Wm., (Upper Lisle,) lot 19, carpenter and farmer 50.
WHITCOMB, G. O., (Whitney's Point,) (Perkins & Whitcomb.)
WHITNEY, ABRAM T., (Triangle,) (Whitney & Young,) (Whitney Bros.,) farmer 1.
WHITNEY, ADELBERT R., (Triangle,) (Whitney Bros. ,) engineer.
WHITNEY BROS., (Triangle,) (Abram T. and Adelbert R. ,) lot 74, farmer 100.
WHITNEY, DOLPHUS, (Triangle,) (Whitney & Young,) farmer 130.
Whitney, Elizabeth Mrs., (Whitney's Point,) farmer 175.
Whitney, Wm. D., (Triangle,) broom manuf.
WHITNEY & YOUNG, (Triangle,) (Dolphus and Abram T. Whitney, and HenryYoung,) lumbermen 3 acres.
Wilber, John, (Triangle,) lot 45, carpenter and farmer 54.
Wilcox, F. T., (Whitney's Point,) farmer 224.
Wilcox, Wm. D., (Triangle,) lot 60, farmer 50.
Williams, R. O., (Upper Lisle,) homeo. physician, minister and farmer 12.
Woodruff, Julia Miss, (Whitney's Point,) dress maker.
Wooster, A. B., (Whitney's Point,) oyster saloon, Collins.
Yale, Ransom, (Whitney's Point,) lot 5, drover and farmer 102.
Yarns, A. H., (Upper Lisle,) lot 20, farmer 50.
Yarns, Andrew J., (Triangle,) lot 41, farmer 20.
YOUNG, HENRY, (Triangle,) (Whitney & Young,) collector.
Youngs, John, (Triangle,) farmer.
Transcribed by Mary Hafler - December, 2006.
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