Hyde Street Cemetery

Town of Barker

Anderson, Arthur
17 Jan 193644Carrie ___ Anderson
Anderson, Carrie
21 Jan 193680

Bacon, Sarah
17 May 188357Elias Shevalier & MargaretDavid Bacon
Clark, Elijah M.
15 May 18485m 8dElijah & Mary Clark
Clark, Hazel C.18911893
B. C. & R. B. Clark
Dunham, Alexander M.9 Jun 182718 Oct 191588George Dunham & Ester BennettPolly Stephens
Dunham, Polly21 Dec 183412 Apr 191782Obediah Stephens & Sarah A. FooteAlexander Dunham
Gaylord, Aaron17786 Feb 185273y 5m 24d___ Gaylord & ChloeElyzbeth Shevalier
Gaylord, Elias21 Feb 181916 May 189879y 2m 5dAaron Gaylord & Elyzbeth ShevalierSally Ann Stephens
Gaylord, Elyzbeth1780185978Richard Shevalier & Sarah CookAaron Gaylord
Gaylord, Frances18 Feb 18481 Apr 18486 wkElias Gaylord & Sally Ann Stephens
Gaylord, George Jr.
28 Dec 18427George Gaylord & Sarah Ann Wilson
Gaylord, Hiram18301863
George Gaylord & Sarah Ann Wilson
Gaylord, Lydia Mae18266 Nov 188772Abner Shevalier & Hannah BarrOsmond Gaylord
Gaylord, Osmond12 Aug 181514 Sep 188378y 1m 2dAaron Gaylord & Elyzbeth ShevalierLydia Mae Shevalier
Gaylord, Sally Ann182113 Oct 188059y 4m 11dObediah Stephens & Sarah A. FooteElias Gaylord
King, Eliza R.1899

Fred King
King, Fred R.18851964

Palmer, Helen M.18461882

Palmer, Willie J.

Perry, Velma Louise1 Aug 19326 Apr 1934
Carl E. Perry & Hattie E. Gaylord
Remmele, John J.18111884

Remmele, Mittie V.

Shevalier, Elias178323 Jan 185470Richard Shevalier & Sarah CookMargaret
Shevalier, Hannah1786187084
Abner Shevalier
Shevalier, John B.181421 Jul 188364y 6m 19dElias Shevalier & Margaret
Shevalier, Lucy A.183924 Dec 190162Wm. PierceJohn R. Shevalier
Shevalier, Margaret17839 Oct 184865
Elias Shevalier
Shevalier, Solomon
28 Mar 187774Elias Shevalier & Margaret
Shevalier, Elizabeth E. (Betsey)12 Oct 181313 Oct 188874John Morse & AmandaRichard Shevalier
Smith, Carrie May

Smith, Darius18481916

Sarah A.
Smith, Lucinda

Smith, Mabel C.18821886
Darius & Sarah A. Smith
Smith, Morris P.
22 Nov 186860y 6m 27d

Smith, Sarah A.18524 Jun 192774
Darius Smith
Stephens, Obediah
(War of 1812)

Sarah Ann Foote
Stephens, Sarah Ann Foote17921880

Obediah Stephens
Wooster, Amanda Boyd
John Wooster
Wooster, Emeline

Wooster, Erma Adelaide17 Mar 184624 Dec 1936
Elias Gaylord & Sarah Ann StephensJames K. Wooster
Wooster, Infant son
18 May 1850
John Wooster & Amanda Boyd
Wooster, James K.25 Dec 18458 Oct 1828
John Wooster & Amanda BoydErma Adelaide Gaylord
Wooster, John
(War of 1812)

Nov 187283
Amanda Boyd

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